Verzaubernder Fantasy-Folk aus fernen Welten


A song for the Grand Expedition

Con: Conquest '11
Typ: Ereignisbericht

Dieses Lied erzählt die Geschichte der Anfänge der Grand Expedition. Da die Grand Expedition zum Großteil aus englischsprachigen Spielern besteht, ist das Lied natürlich auch auf englisch gehalten.

I'll tell you 'bout the hero „Brin“, as brave as brave could be
I`ll tell you the immortal legend of his proud company
At the siege of Doerchgardt, Brin had fought even harder then the rest
so he was tasked to bring more warriors to Mythodea`s West
and here we go again…

Huzzah (Huzzah), Huzzah (Huzzah), Huzzah (Huzzah)
Make sail, call the storm, we`re up to face new tasks
This is the Grand Expedition and we know that „Hope dies last“
From world to world we seek to gather friends
The boar is on our banner and the swords right in our hands (our fate lies in our hands)

Brin travelled many realms – a magic map should lead his way
He gathered fearless men to complete his company
Cuthroats, warriors, merchinaries and gentlemen as well
some well known – some will be known yet soon, this I can tell
and here we go again…


Brin fell in battle when the Undead Flesh walked on the shore
He died a heroes death – we`ll honour him forevermore
„Zeno Sedonis“ his Lord Capitan and his loyal and best friend
took the many people to be glorious in the Dragons Land
and here we go again…


Eversince the tournement of the dragons has begun
The Grand Expedition brought glory to the Gold Dragon
Those heroes rallied `round their Ice Dragon, wild and strong
they are bound by an oath and together they belong
and here we go again…


Bound by oath, sealed with mead, fused into family
stubborn and determined like the boar that they carry
United now they roam and each challenge they will greet
As friends we come together, it will be a merry meet
and here we go again…